Hiring Masters & PhD Students

Whether you are looking for scholarly achievement, ethical standards, or innovative thinking, our graduate students have the solutions you need. With expert technical inquiry and creative, entrepreneurial spirit, our scholars have already fostered numerous advancements and discoveries that have benefited humankind. Imagine what they can do for you! 

The University of Notre Dame's Masters and Ph.D. students are confronting some of this century's most vexing topics: cancers’ genetic networks, human rights, big data security, solar cell technology, climate modeling, and peace efforts. With a superb faculty, internationally respected graduate programs, and a fierce commitment to maintaining the highest levels of research, teaching, and service, Notre Dame offers our graduate students a comprehensive set of resources that contribute to their formation as the next generation of global innovators, educators, and leaders.  

We invite you to partner with us if you're searching for exceptional employer-relation services, increased visibility, opportunities to promote a positive brand for your organization and for maximizing your recruiting dollars.