Interview Center


The Center for Career Development's interview center includes 45 rooms spanning 100 yards across the 5th floor of Duncan Student Center. Rooms on the 5th floor are free of charge for interviews and recruiting events.

We offer 6 different types of rooms with various configurations of furniture. Whether you want a casual interview space with lounge furniture, a traditional room with a table and two chairs, or a more formal conference room, we can accommodate you. If you cannot travel to campus, we can provide our students virtual interview rooms to participate in interviews. Most rooms provide mobile furniture and a dry erase board. All our interview and conference rooms provide a telephone.

Our interview center also provides a dedicated employer lounge with complimentary beverages and snacks, access to a refrigerator and microwave, cable TV, telephone, and space to relax or get caught up on your email.

RECRUITERS: To schedule a room for your recruitment needs or learn more about our interview space, you are welcome to contact:

Please select one of the following PDF files to view pictures and locations of each room.


Virtual Interview Rooms

(3 chairs, computer and webcam)

Standard Interview Rooms

(3 chairs, no technology)

4 Person Interview Rooms

(round tables with seating for 4, no technology)

Casual Interview Rooms

(lounge furniture in a private room)

Conference Rooms

(conference table with seating for 6 to 16, monitor for presentations)

  • 522 (seating for 10)
  • 524 (seating for 8)
  • 526 (seating for 16)
  • 551 (seating for 6)
  • 554 (seating for 10)
  • 563 (seating for 10)
  • 564 (seating for 10)
  • 573 (seating for 10)

Training Room