Offer Policy

Notre Dame requires students to sign a contract of job search ethics prior to participating in any on-campus interviews.  Students are penalized for missing interviews, canceling appointments, etc.  The Center for Career Development enforces a zero tolerance policy for students who renege on offers of employment or who conduct themselves unethically during their search.  In return, the Center for Career Development asks employers to:

  • Provide students a minimum of three business days’ notice for an off-campus interview.  This allows students to make proper travel arrangements to avoid academic and other conflicts.
  • Provide fair and reasonable time periods for students to evaluate employment offers prior to making a decision that will affect their future careers and personal lives.  Asking a student if he or she is ready to make a decision on the spot, or asking a student to respond to a hypothetical offer is considered unacceptable practice.  Exploding offers put undue pressure on students and compromise our efforts to enforce student policy against reneging.
  • Uphold job offers.  Rescinding an offer means the student must restart their job search, often after declining other offers.
Notre Dame's job offer policy outlines the following dates:


Offer Origination:


Offer Cannot Expire Before:

Summer 2018 Internship

Full-time Offer


Summer 2018 Internship

Summer 2019 Internship Offer


Summer/Fall 2018 Interviews

Full-time or Internship Offer


Spring 2019 Interviews

Full-time or Internship Offer




  • Full-time offers extended prior to November 1, whether resulting from a summer internship or not, should have a deadline no earlier than December 1.
  • Full-time offers extended after November 1 should have a deadline no earlier than December 1, or a minimum of two weeks from the date of the offer, whichever comes later.  


  • Summer internship offers should be given a decision deadline no earlier than the end of February, or a minimum of two weeks from the date of the offer, whichever comes later.