Overtime Program

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Students are not always able to participate in a traditional 8-12 week internship, but still want to gain valuable experience with the limited free time they do have during summer. The Overtime Program was developed to allow students to participate in much shorter, uniquely created, experiential learning opportunities that are tailored toward the individual’s interests and availability. 

Potential opportunities include: 

  • Shortened internship experience of 1 - 4 weeks
  • Temporary work
  • Job shadow
  • Company visit or tour
  • Onsite or remote projects
  • On campus events and visit by employers
  • Informational interviews

We welcome any employer who wants to be part of the Overtime Program and believes they may be able to support any of these types of opportunities or similar opportunities.  As employer, there are essentially two ways to get involved with the Overtime Program.
How to get involved with the Overtime Program:

Reach out to us

If you either have an existing opportunity, or an idea for an opportunity, that you believe would be a good fit for a student with limited free time over the summer, please reach out directly to James Biddick (Student-Athlete Career Development Program Manager) to discuss - jbiddick@nd.edu

We will reach out to you

Near the end of February (and on a weekly rolling basis) the Meruelo Family Center for Career Development will send to all employers who have opted into the Overtime Program, the details of all those students who have applied to be part of the Overtime Program which will include:

  1. A "resume book"
  2. Details of each student's availability, location during summer, and their industry and opportunities interests  

Employers are then able to review the list of applicants, and if they are in a position to offer an opportunity, they are encouraged to reach out to any student/s to briefly outline the type of opportunity they can provide and begin a dialogue with the student, allow them to ask questions, before hopefully confirming their availability and interest for the opportunity!

It's that simple!


Email James Biddick, Student-Athlete Career Development Program Manager, at jbiddick@nd.edu

Learn more:


If you either have an existing opportunity or would like to be on the email list to receive student resumes and information, please reach out to James Biddick, Student-Athlete Career Development Program Manager.